The Risks of a No Jab, No Job Approach

Sep 26, 2021 There is currently no legislation that allows employers outside of the regulated care home sector in England to impose mandatory vaccination without an employee’s

Mandatory Vaccines & Vaccine Passports: A Winter of COVID Discontent?

Sep 15, 2021 Covid-19 has created many challenges but one of the most contentious is the introduction of mandatory vaccines for Care Workers in England and vaccine passports in Scotland.

Ending Furlough: An Urgent Call to Action for Employers

Oct 23, 2020 With the Coronavirus Job Retention scheme due to end on 31 October 2020, Employers have one week to decide what to do with staff who are currently furloughe

Coronavirus & Homeworking and Travel | Key Questions for Employers Answered

Mar 19, 2020 As the restrictions imposed by Government as a result of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak increase, many Employers are reviewing their business continui

Coronavirus & Data Protection Issues | Key Questions for Employers Answered

Mar 18, 2020 Data Protection is often a minefield for Employers at the best of times but what Data Protection issues could the Coronavirus outbreak create?  We have collated information

Coronavirus | Changing Employment Terms & Lay-Offs

Mar 16, 2020 This article focuses on Changing Employment Terms and Lay-offs and is intended to support Employers impacted by the rapid spread of the COVID-19 outbreak and who are thinking

High Risk Employees and Discrimination Issues

Mar 15, 2020 This article focuses on High Risk Employees and Discrimination Issues and the information contained within it has been collated from a variety of reliable sources to ensure UK

Free Homeworking Policy for Employers

Mar 10, 2020 As we have reported previously, the Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly in the UK with the latest number of confirmed cases in the UK now numbering 321, of which 298 are s

Coronavirus | Employment Law & HR Implications for Employers

Mar 03, 2020 When business continuity is put at risk by a crisis and/o

An employer’s guide to Christmas employment issues

Nov 27, 2018 With Christmas only 4 weeks away, the employment issues surrounding this holiday often create a HR headache for employers. This blog is intended to arm employers with the correct knowledge and guidanc