Don’t Let YOUR Business Become a COVID-19 Casualty

Don’t Let YOUR Business Become a COVID-19 Casualty

Navigating your business through the COVID-19 crisis comes with a lot of challenges. Complying with the rules of the new Job Support Scheme and relevant employment law doesn’t need to be one of them. The latest government guidance on the new Job Support Scheme makes clear that Employers must agree the new short time working

COVID-19: New Financial Support Announced Today

Furlough Scheme Extended to October 2020

The Chancellor has today announced a further package of financial support measures intended to protect jobs and support businesses. Outlined below is a summary of the key new measures, but this is not the formal Government statement. Once the details have been revealed we shall provide further information. New Job Support Scheme Announced by the

Emerging from Lockdown – Guidance for UK Employers

As lockdown restrictions began to ease across the UK many employers started to consider reopening businesses and bringing staff back into workplaces, but with the recent spike in COVID-19 cases many are rethinking their position. While the UK government called for a coordinated approach to the lifting of lockdown measures, differences have emerged between the

Five Citizen Advice Bureaux in Glasgow Facing Closure

In what many have described as a ‘bizarre’ decision, Glasgow City Council (GCC) has decided to defund a series of advice agencies in Glasgow at a time when demand for advice and support for issues relating to employment, debt, housing and poverty are likely to be at their highest. The planned cuts from Glasgow City