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Fixed Fee Employment Law Services and HR Advice and Support for Employers and Employees. We provide a complete employment law solution across a range of contentious and non-contentious issues, delivered by a team of employment law consultants for employers, who will work closely with you to fully understand your specific objectives and promptly provide you with clear and purposeful advice, tailored to your specific requirements and at a price that won’t break the bank.
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Employment Tribunal Representation

For Employers

Our experienced specialists at ELS are committed to providing practical and purposeful employment tribunal advice for employers, with fixed fee representation covering a wide range of claims. We understand how stressful, costly, and time consuming tribunal claims can be - but with us it doesn't have to be.
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Employment Tribunal Representation

Our Key Employment Law Advice Services

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Fixed Fee Employment Law Services for Employees & Employers

Ad hoc advice, support for Employees and Employers across a full range of employment issues

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Annual Retainer for Employment Law Services for Employers

Cost certainty for UK Employers with unlimited support for a fixed annual fee

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Fixed Fee Employment Tribunal Representation

Support With ACAS Early Conciliation and/or Tribunal Claims

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Employment Tribunal Representation

For Employees

Our team at ELS are committed to helping employees with any employment tribunal claim they might have against their employer. That's why we developed our fixed fee employment tribunal representation service, that effectively supports employees and strives to achieve the best possible outcome.
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As employment law experts for businesses, we’re always up to date with the latest employment laws and developments that can affect you – and we don’t just keep that information to ourselves. Our resources are a great way to get a better insight into key areas of employment law and HR that will benefit your business.

Latest Employment Law Updates

What should locum contracts include for Doctors & Dentists?

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Changes to the law on holiday pay

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Resolving workplace conflicts in general practices

Workplace conflict is an ugly topic but one that employers need to tackle head on to maintain a healthy working environment. Resolving workplace conflicts often requires carefully thought-out strategies to prepare for, identify, mediate, and prevent them from occurring in the future.

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Why is employment legislation important in healthcare?

Employment legislation is a vital part of the working lives of most people across the UK, it ensures both employers and employees are treated fairly and understand what is expected of them during their working relationship with one another. This is true across many sectors including healthcare, which is particularly challenging.

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How should employers prepare for an employment tribunal?

All employers should seek to avoid employment tribunals by following HR best practices and staying organised. However, sometimes mistakes are unavoidable and problems employees have cannot be resolved due to certain circumstances. When this leads to an employment tribunal, employers must make preparations in order to get the best result for both parties.

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New employment law changes coming in 2024

2023 saw multiple announcements from the government in relation to new employment laws that will be coming into effect this year. This means that it’s looking to be a busy year in the world of new employment law that businesses should be aware of. Therefore, in this guide, we’ll be exploring the key employment law changes that are coming in 2024 and how employers can effectively prepare for them. 

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What is the anti-strike bill and who does it affect?

The ‘anti strike’ bill passed into law in the UK on July 20th 2023. Officially called the Strikes (Minimum Service Level) Act, the legislation received royal assent with significant controversy. Nevertheless, the rules set out in the act affect a number of key sectors and the relationship between employers and employees within those sectors as a result.

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Tips for managing absences in GP practices

The healthcare sector is, at the time of writing, under a significant amount of pressure as it still tries to recover from the coronavirus pandemic and a backlog of patients needing treatment. This has led to employment and HR challenges as employees are being absent more frequently, especially at key patient touchpoints like GP practices.

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Do zero-hours contracts get holiday pay?

As a UK employer, you’ll likely have many questions around zero hours contracts if you haven’t used them before. While they offer benefits for employers by allowing specific pieces of work to get done efficiently, it is important they understand how these contracts interact with things like holiday pay.

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Benefits of flexible working for employers

Flexible working is becoming a more common model for many businesses, especially since the coronavirus pandemic. The traditional 9-5 is no longer the set way of operating in the modern working world.

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Our Team of Employment Law Advice Specialists

Our team has extensive experience in providing key employment law services for businesses. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific objectives and provide them with clear, purposeful advice that suits their needs. Meet our specialists below.

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