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About Free Consultations

Free consultations are available to potential clients only.

We offer potential clients an initial free consultation primarily to gather information about their employment issue(s) and to explain IF and HOW we might be able to assist them further.

During a free consultation, we will answer general and reasonable questions, and if we decide we can help you, we will explain how we can assist you, outline your options, and provide you with an estimate of the likely costs to progress matters, but we will not provide you with specific legal advice, review, or approve documents, or provide you with an opinion on case strategy or readiness.

We want our clients to feel comfortable with us, with our services, and with our fees. If a potential client decides they are not comfortable with any one of these things, we want them to be able to go elsewhere before paying us any money, which is why the initial consultation is free.

For those seeking specific legal advice, a review or approval of documents, or an opinion on the potential merits on bringing or defending a claim at the employment tribunal or any other employment related matter, we offer consultations for a fee of £140 per hour + vat.