Making staff redundant – get it right or risk facing costly Employment Tribunal claims

Recent headlines which saw Sainsburys announce they would be cutting 2,000 jobs, BAE Systems almost the same and Vauxhall 400, has highlighted the importance of businesses having the correct HR and legal resources to ensure organisations are following a fair and proper process. Smaller companies rarely have inhouse resources to assist with similar problems, thus, making small

European Human Rights Court limits employers’ right to monitor employee emails

Last month, Europe’s Human Rights Court established that employers can monitor employees’ emails but only if they notify the employee in advance. This represents the rapid evolving area of legislation at the crossing of technology, privacy and workers’ rights. The judgement in the case of Barbulescu’s v Romania concluded that the authorities had not sufficiently protected Barbulescu’s

Pregnant women, new mothers and redundancy – don’t get caught out!

If an employer finds that they need to restructure their organisation and make redundancies, then it is extremely important that they are careful about the way they treat pregnant employees or employees on maternity leave. In the first instance, it is important that employers understand pregnancy and maternity protection. The purpose of this legislation is