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Employment Tribunal Decisions

Handing notice in to a job is not always a letter of resignation

A letter that sets out one months’ notice should not be automatically assumed as a letter of resignation, an EAT Judge has confirmed. In the case of East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust v Levy, Judge Jennifer Eady dismissed the appeal and confirmed the tribunals earlier decision that the employee had in fact been

Employment Tribunal Guidance for Employers

The Employment Tribunals (ET) are an independent judicial body established to resolve disputes over employment rights between employers and employees. Claims likely to be heard in the ET will involve matters on unfair dismissal, discrimination, wages and redundancy payments. In July 2017, the Supreme Court unanimously held that ET fees were unlawful and must be

Tribunal claims increase by 90% since the abolishment of fees!

The Ministry of Justice has released its latest round of data on Employment Tribunals and key figures show: Single Employment Tribunal claims received have increased by 90% Single Employment Tribunal claims disposed of have increased by 21% The backlog of single Employment Tribunal claims have increased by 66% Multiple Employment Tribunal claims received have increased