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Free Homeworking Policy for Employers

SME Employer Toolkit

As we have reported previously, the Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly in the UK with the latest number of confirmed cases in the UK now numbering 321, of which 298 are still active.As the outbreak continues to spread so too will the implications for Employers so we are offering a FREE Homeworking policy to anyone

Coronavirus | Employment Law & HR Implications for Employers


When business continuity is put at risk by a crisis and/or people related threats like the seemingly rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the HR issues this creates for Employers can significantly compound matters. The first priority for Employers is to consider the health and safety of employees.   During a pandemic or crisis, a business

Avoid an HR Hangover This Christmas

He’s Making a List…..He’s Checking it Twice…..but at this year’s Office Christmas party will YOUR staff be naughty or will they be nice? Many Employers are already planning this year’s Christmas party and are no doubt hopeful that this festive season will be an enjoyable time for bosses and employees alike but without careful planning,

Performance management guidance for employers

Performance management is the process that employers use to maintain and improve the performance of their workforce so that organisational objectives are met. Most performance management procedures will involve: Employees being set performance targets Performance meetings between managers and employees to discuss performance Evaluating employees against their performance measures Records of performance being taken Why

An employer’s guide to Christmas employment issues

With Christmas only 4 weeks away, the employment issues surrounding this holiday often create a HR headache for employers. This blog is intended to arm employers with the correct knowledge and guidance to help make the festive season as stress free as possible. 1. Overtime If an employee has normal working hours, overtime usually means

The law on payslips is set to change by April 2019: Start preparing now!

Providing your employees with payslips is generally a routine process that does not require a lot of thought behind it. Under UK law, a payslip should be issued to all employees each time they are paid. Employers do not need to issue payslips to non-employees, this includes contractors, freelancers and workers. There are further exceptions

2019 Budget: National Living Wage set to increase by almost 5%

The National Living Wage, which is the statutory minimum wage for those aged 25 and over, has to rise to £8.21ph from April 2019 – which means an additional £690 annually for low paid workers. The Low Pay Commission (LPC), which recommended the increase, have anticipated that the increase will see almost 2.4 million workers

HR Health Check

How healthy is your business? To find out, answer these simple questions below. 1. Do all your employees have a written contract of employment? Y/N 2. Are these contracts of employment issued within the first 8 weeks of their employment commencing? Y/N 3. Do you have job descriptions for all roles within the organisation? Y/N