Employment Tribunal Refund Scheme Launched

Following the decision made by the Supreme Court in July, ruling Employment Tribunal fees as unlawful, the Government have announced details on how employees who paid tribunal fees can go about requesting a refund.

The Government have submitted that the scheme will be completed in phases. The first phase of the scheme is expected to last around 4 weeks with roughly 1,000 individuals being contacted with details on how to apply for a refund.

In addition, successful candidates will recover 0.5% interest as well as their fee refund. The interest will be calculated from the date they paid the fee up until the date the fee was refunded.

The Government also stated that it would be “working with Trade Unions who have supported large multiple claims, potentially involving hundreds of claimants.”

Those who have paid tribunal fees, but have not yet been called on to take part in the initial stage of the scheme, can register their interest in applying for a refund when the full scheme is launched.

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