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Employment Law Reforms

Calls for Menstrual Leave and Better Workplace Support in the UK

Following approval by Spanish politicians of a draft Bill to provide three days of paid leave for people with severe period pain, UK menstruation and period pain charities have called on the UK government to introduce menstruation leave. Currently under UK law, those who experience period pain should use their sick leave for time off

“Working people need more than vague promises” says the Trade Union Congress

Summary of the Queens speech 2017: What it means for you The Queens speech was delivered on the 21st of June 2017 in the House of Parliament. The purpose of this speech was to define the Minority Government’s legislative programme that the UK will see take effect over the next two years. Regarding employment issues, the

“Some Self-Employed workers should be covered by the National Minimum Wage” – Resolution Foundation Report

Resolution Foundation Report The Resolution Foundation has published a report arguing for a better pay deal for those working in the Gig-Economy. The report argues that the Government ought to extend minimum wage legislation to cover the self-employed workforce in order to tackle low pay and insecurity in the UK. As part of their submission