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Job Support Scheme

Ending Furlough: An Urgent Call to Action for Employers

Is Furlough a Route to Redundancy?

With the Coronavirus Job Retention scheme due to end on 31 October 2020, Employers have one week to decide what to do with staff who are currently furloughed and/or flexibly furloughed. Following yesterday’s announcement by the Chancellor, HMRC has published a policy paper containing more details on the Job Support Scheme which now defines the scheme is two ways: JSS

Increased Government Contributions Under Job Support Scheme Announced

Furlough Scheme Extended to October 2020

On Thursday 22 October 2020 the Chancellor announced a package of further economic measures to support businesses affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The package announced by the Chancellor in a statement to the House of Commons includes significant changes to the short-time working Job Support Scheme (JSS), expanded grants for businesses in high-alert areas,

Job Support Scheme for Employers Extended

Is Furlough a Route to Redundancy?

On Friday 9 October 2020 the Scottish administration ordered the closure of pubs and restaurants across central Scotland and with the UK Government considering similar ‘local’ lockdown restrictions for many parts of England, the Chancellor announced the extension of the new Job Support Scheme (JSS). The extension of the JSS is intended to provide temporary support to

COVID-19: New Financial Support Announced Today

Furlough Scheme Extended to October 2020

The Chancellor has today announced a further package of financial support measures intended to protect jobs and support businesses. Outlined below is a summary of the key new measures, but this is not the formal Government statement. Once the details have been revealed we shall provide further information. New Job Support Scheme Announced by the