Latest Employment Tribunal Statistics | April to June 2018

The MOJ has published the tribunal statistics for April to June 2018 and across the board the numbers are up!

Here are the key figures:

• number of single claims lodged increased by 165% compared with the same quarter last year.

• the number of single claims outstanding rose by 130% compared with the same quarter last year.

• there have been 12,400 fee refund payments made since the fee refund scheme was introduced, totalling just over £10m.

• disability discrimination cases had the largest average award (£30,700). Religious discrimination claims had the lowest average award (£5,100). The average award for unfair dismissal awards was £15,007.

This upward trend in Employment Tribunal claims is unsurprising following the abolishment of Tribunal fees in July 2017, and the figures above are reliable as April to June 2017 was the last full quarter when fees were in force.

Employers should take note of the significant increase in Employment Tribunal claims and ensure they have in place an effective risk management strategy to ensure compliance and adherence with employment legislation to prevent problems and protect their business from costly Employment Tribunal claims.

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