Fixed Fee Employment Tribunal Representation

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Employment Tribunal Representation for Employees

Pursuing an Employment Tribunal Claim can be costly but it doesn’t need to be. With Employment Law Services (ELS)’ Fixed Fee Employment Tribunal Representation, Employees can save time and money.

Employment Law Services (ELS) have developed a Fixed-Fee Employment Tribunal Representation offering covering each of the steps of an Employment Tribunal Claim.

We believe this approach helps you control costs and minimises stress. If you believe you have grounds for an Employment Tribunal claim against your employer, our multi-award winning team can help.

In the first instance, we will review all of the facts of your case and give you an honest assessment of the merits, completely free of charge. Once we’ve undertaken a complete assessment we will outline clearly, and in plain english, your options including:

  • The Acas Early Conciliation process and your obligations therein;
  • Your statutory obligations in terms of submitting a claim to the Employment Tribunal;
  • You prospects for success and potential costs;
  • Viability of settlement (pre or post claim);

If after considering your options you decide to secure our support, Employment Law Services (ELS) can offer fixed fee support based on your specific needs to help you control costs and mitigate the risks and costs associated with pursuing an employment tribunal claim throughout each step of the process.

Step One:  Early Conciliation Representation

  • We will review your grounds for a claim, including all relevant correspondence, then offer comprehensive advice, including advice on whether settlement of the claim is the best option for you, which it may not be.
  • We speak to ACAS on your behalf, and in doing so set out clearly your position.
  • If settlement is reached, we will ensure the terms laid out in the COT3 Agreement are fair and reasonable.

Fixed Fee: £275 plus VAT*

Step Two:  Submitting Your Claim & Reviewing Employer’s Response

  • We will review the details of your case then offer comprehensive advice.
  • We will prepare and submit your ET1 claim form and supporting documentation to the Employment Tribunal.
  • We will review and consider the employer’s response, discuss the contents with you, advise on your prospects and on how best to proceed with progressing your claim.

Fixed Fee: £625 plus VAT*

Step Three:  Case Management of the Claim

  • We will conduct any negotiations with ACAS on settlement of the claim in advance of a full employment tribunal hearing taking place.
  • We will comply with, and action within the required timescales, all instructions set out in any Case Management Order(s) issued by the Employment Tribunal.

Fixed Fee: £535 plus VAT*

Step Four:  Preparing bundles (documents/evidence) and drafting pleadings

  • We will interview witnesses and prepare witness statements.
  • We will prepare bundles (documents/evidence) and draft pleadings for the Tribunal Hearing.

Fixed Fee: £675 plus VAT*

Step Five:  Preliminary Hearing Representation

  • Make full representations on your behalf in accordance with the rules set out in schedule 1 to the Employment Tribunals (Constitution and Rules of Procedure) Regulations 2013 (SI 2013/1237)

Fixed Fee: £750 plus VAT*

Step Six:  Full Hearing Representation 

  • Make full representations on your behalf in accordance with the rules set out in the Employment Tribunals.

Fixed Fee: £840 plus VAT* per day

Flexible Payment Options

If you have a home insurance policy which offers legal cover, we can liaise with your insurers about providing you with advice regarding the circumstances of your claim. Often these policies allow you to nominate the legal representative of your choosing.

If you do not have legal cover we can agree with you a flexible payment schedule to enable you to spread payments over a fixed number of months to limit your up front expenses.

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* Our fixed fee and hourly rate services do not include disbursements and expenses incurred by the Company on behalf of Clients and will be added to our charges, including (but without limitation) issue fees, hearing fees, expert witnesses fees, travelling, accommodation or subsistence costs, courier charges, bank charges and other administration charges.

* Our fixed fees are based on a standard employment tribunal claim. We may, however, charge an additional amount if, for example, members of staff have to work outside normal working hours, or if your case is more complex.  In all circumstances we will not incur costs beyond the above figures without your prior approval.