SME Employer Toolkit

Essential Employment Law Services for Employers

Manage Compliance and Risk in Your Business With Our SME Employer Toolkit

Our SME Employer Toolkit provides a selection of essential services for SMEs to help you comply with your legal obligations and prevent problems and protect your business from time consuming and costly employment issues

Fixed Fee Annual Retainer Packages for SMEs

We offer a range of essential Employment Law Advice and HR Services Packages designed to deliver practical and affordable HR solutions, all of which can be customised to meet your specific needs giving you peace of mind knowing your HR and employment law needs are taken care of.
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Essential HR Policies Every Employer Should Have

Are your HR policies out of date? Are they too long or difficult to understand? Are they inflexible and unhelpful to your business? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions our HR policies are for you! Avoid staff issues and prevent problems with the perfect set of HR policies that have been stripped down to the essentials making them easy to read and understand, giving you flexibility where you need it and clear guidance where required. You can download a full Employee Handbook containing all 16 HR policies or simply choose any HR policy you need.

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Accredited E-Learning Courses to Ensure Compliance

With our selection of E-Learning courses, you can go a long way to ensuring compliance with your legal obligations and duty of care to your employees. Our featured E-Learning courses focus on the key areas where Employers are most exposed to claims at the Employment Tribunal where they have failed to provide appropriate training for employees to ensure they are aware of, and able to meet, their responsibilities in respect Equality & Diversity, Bullying & Harassment and Data Protection.

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Free HR Health Check for Employers

Pinpoint any potential issues and/or risks in the critical business area of legal compliance with our FREE HR Health Check. It takes only around 2 minutes to complete.

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Web-Based HR Management System

Our web-based HR Management system, Secure-HRM, is packed with great features as standard which allow you to create, store and retrieve employee information straight from your browser quickly and easily including time & attendance, holidays, discipline & grievance, performance reviews and employee training records.Protection.

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Need Something More?

If you require a more besoke solution or assistance with a specific employment law or HR issue, use the link below to request a call back and one of our team will promptly get in touch.