Recruitment and Selection

Our Recruitment and Selection service is primarily designed to identify the best possible candidates for any vacancy you have but the good news is our services will also save you time and money.

Recruitment and Selection Services

We offer an `end to end´ Recruitment and Selection service to ensure we deliver the best possible outcome. With your input, we will develop a person and role specification and will take care of advertising, managing responses, interviews, organising assessment centres and offer letter through to induction and development plans.

Using our Recruitment and Selection Services you get:

  • Excellent quality candidates both technically and in terms of cultural fit Vacancies filled quickly
  • Retention of candidates – right person first time
  • Savings in cost and time
  • Advertisements developed and placed by Employment Law Services (ELS)
  • Job descriptions and person specification developed
  • Full psychometric testing service available
  • Aptitude testing
  • Assessment Centres developed and managed
  • Induction Plan developed for successful candidate

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