Employee Reward and Recognition

Reward and Recognition Programmes

Employment Law Services (ELS) work closely with you to design and implement a comprehensive Reward and Recognition programme that reflects the degree to which your company values key employees who deliver Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the business.

Employment Law Services (ELS) will ensure your company’s Reward and Recognition programme achieves the following:

  • Recognises the proficiencies, skills and competencies of the employee
  • Rewards superior performance both by individuals and teams
  • Aligns your recognition and reward practices with market rates and conditions
  • Establishes a Rewards and Recognition Strategy or builds on any work already undertaken
  • Provides employees with a greater understanding of the value of the total rewards package together with offering more flexibility or choice is the proposed direction

Does your business recognise and reward consistent high performers? Unlock the full potential of your company’s biggest asset – it’s people!

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