Employee Relations

Employee Relations

We work closely with organisations to help them identify, align and implement strategies that nurture positive employee relations and enhance communication including:

Consultation: Good consultation involves everyone in an organisation, but, to be effective, it needs to be well organised and take place in a systematic way. We have substantial experience in developing and managing consultation arrangements that are productive and engender trust.

Communication: Effective communication is the key to building and maintaining a good relationship with your employees or your team.We have the expertise to enable you to communicate effectively with your employees.

Employment Law: This is constantly evolving and changing area, just keeping up can be exhausting! We have outstanding expertise in all areas of Employment Law and take the mystery out of legislation.

Disciplinary and Grievance: All employers are required to implement and adhere to a minimum set of standards for Discipline and Grievance procedures. We provide practical advice, ensuring that your procedures are correct, maintained and always applied appropriately.

Organisational Change: All organisations are subject to changes of various degrees of complexity and significance. We provide practical and highly knowledgeable support and advice to guide you through any change whether it is incremental or transformational.

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